New Almudena’s artworks
By Administrador , February 14, 2016 , Category: Almudena Arias

Almudena surprise us again with 5 new paintings on women full of sensibility

By Administrador , September 15, 2015 , Category: Almudena Arias

Last Ceramic Exhibitions Creative modeling exhibition in Mérida, 1987 Zenit's Gallery exhibition with painter Bernardo Simonet, 1990 Guayas Gallery, 1990. El Escorial Cultural House. Collective exhibition in the Association of Potters of Majadahonda, Clamar, Paris 1990 Menus Gallery at Fuenterraba 1991 Caja Ávila gallery, 1999 and 2004 Art Square at Monzón, Huesca from 2006 to 2008 Zaragoza's Art, 2007 Making footprint Gallery 2008 y 2009 Last Painting Exhibitions El Chiscón Hall, Lavapíes, Madrid, 2006 Penicilino, Valladolid 2009 y 2010 House of Culture Exhibition at Candeleda, Ávila Triangle Hall at Lavapies (Madrid), 2010 Exhibition at Happy Peace gallery, Madrid, 2010 "Villa de Barajas" Sociocultural Center, 2011 Contemporary Art Exhib

¿Who is Almudena Arias?
By Administrador , September 15, 2015 , Category: Almudena Arias

I was born in May 1963 in a family of artists, a painter grandfather, Enrique Simonet and another sculptor Antonio Parera. In 1983 I began to study in the Official School of Ceramics in Madrid. When finished, I attended courses with the sculptor Aurora Cañero that marked forever my way in art with his enthusiasm and commitment to teach, like the ceramist Joan Manuel Yacer. Since then I dedicate myself exclusively to the creative ceramics, working mainly women figure modeling and murals, ceramic bonding to other materials such as wood. I have participated in numerous exhibitions and fairs in different cities of Spain. A few years ago I had an accident which caused me a broken knee. Unable to move, I began to explore the field of painting, which was a new challenge, and the color plan
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